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Launching Your Aviation Career with Prominent Airlines


At Born To Fly, we understand the importance of a solid pathway to launch your aviation career. We are proud to collaborate with leading airlines to offer exclusive cadet pilot programs that provide aspiring pilots with a direct entry into the industry. These programs provide a structured and comprehensive training experience, equipping cadets with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to succeed in their aviation journey.

Indigo Cadet Program:

The IndiGo Cadet Program is a prestigious opportunity for aspiring pilots to kick-start their aviation career with one of India's leading airlines. This program is designed to provide comprehensive training and hands-on experience, equipping cadets with the skills and knowledge required to become professional pilots. The IndiGo Cadet Program follows a rigorous selection process and offers a structured training curriculum, which covers theoretical instruction, flight training, and simulator sessions. Successful completion of the program can lead to employment as a pilot with IndiGo, offering a promising career path in the aviation industry.

Air Asia Cadet Program:

The Air Asia Cadet Pilot Program offers a structured and intensive training pathway for aspiring pilots. The program includes ground school sessions, flight training, simulator sessions, and multi-crew cooperation training. Throughout the program, you will be mentored by experienced instructors who will guide you towards achieving your dream of becoming an Air Asia First Officer. Visit the official Air Asia Cadet Pilot Program website for more information on eligibility criteria, program duration, and application process.

SpiceJet Cadet Program:

The SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program is a comprehensive training program that equips aspiring pilots with the necessary skills and knowledge to start their career in aviation. The program encompasses ground school training, flight training, simulator sessions, and exposure to real-world airline operations. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have the opportunity to join SpiceJet as a First Officer. To learn more about eligibility requirements, selection process, and program details, please refer to the official SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program website.

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